When you consider that the actual wing comadner video game had mark hamil as in luke skywalker starring in the live action cut scenes with in it, this movies really just looks stale, if you’re looking for a good sci fi movie, there is far better ones out there and this one isn’t really a necessary watch. #6.) Street Fighter The Movie When street fighter 2 hit the arcade scene in the early 1990s it blew up seemingly overnight, so why not cash in on that success with a rushed, poorly written movie? Although this movie does have some big names in it such as Jean Claude Van Damme as The ever so American Guile, and it also is credited as the final role for the wonderful Raul Julia, most of the characrers are basically unrecognizeable versions of their counterparts within the game and honestly I’ve literally seen better cosplays of the character represented here, it doesn’t help that this movie is trying to be a big budget action movie that turns out looking like a poorly made college film.

If you’re a fan of the free spins no deposit sa you might wanna skip over this one unless you love cheesy films. #5.) Max Payne (2008) The “Max Payne” series of video games was definitely unique and is still one of my favorite third person shooters to this day. The first game in the series was definetly reveloutionary at the time of it’s release in 2001 but the 2008 transition of the series onto the big screen doesn’t capture anything that makes the series great. Staring mark Wahlberg this movie tries to capture the look of classic film noir, but it honestly just looks like a washed out eye sore of a film. The movie also utilizes ridiculously slow and drawn out action scenes in an attempt to simulate the in game combat of the max payne series. Max pain is definetly far from being the worst video game movie out there, and it’s still watchable, but this one cracks our list for being a poor, poor attempt at trying to emulate the success of the max payne franchise. #4.) House Of The Dead Remember playing house of the dead back in the day?

The zombie filled light gun shooter was really awesome but the film adaptation: Not so much. House of the dead earned a terrible rating of 2 out of 10 stars on IMDb and not only that, but it was named as one of the worst films of the 2000’s. Somehow this movie managed to make back it’s buget at the box office but it might have the worst story line of any movie on this list, without spoiling to much basically the film revolves around the people who attend and island rave, all of which who are attacked by zombies, and those who survive must escape. Look, The Zombies I can live with, but a day-time rave on an island with about 20 people in attendance, not to mention unbearable acting and abysmal film making, I can’t let it slide by and not include it on this list.