For this list, we’re going to try to focus on films that were actually pretty decently made. But there are some nostalgia filled entries on this list that are more so memorable for being a vague piece of your childhood and or gaming history that didn’t quite live up to the original master piece it was shadowing. 10 Super Mario Bros Let’s start off this list with addressing that nostalgia I just mentioned. A campy classic in the form of Super Mario Bros. It’s got all the cheesy things that a video game to movie adaptation requires – real life ‘sort of’ explanations as to why the characters you love are now roaming around in the 3 dimensional reality we call home. Yoshi is an actual raptor.

Mario and Luigi straight up go on an adventure into the sewers. And then Bowser. Holy hell Bowser. 9 Need for Speed Based off of the Need for Speed series by EA games, this 2014 film – not to be confused with the 203 one that was based off a comic – stars Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper. Aaron Paul is a street raced named Tobey Marshall who embarks on a cross country race to avenge his friend’s death. As is the trend you’ll soon spot with many of the films on this list, Need for Speed wasn’t really critically acclaimed. With one critic even going as far to call it a glorified commercial for the 2015 Ford Mustang. 8 Tron: Legacy While some think this film wasn’t all too great, you can’t deny it didn’t have some pretty impressive special effects. AND THAT SOUNDTRACK. COME ON. So good. And we’re talking the 2010 Tron, which is actually a sequel to the 1982 Tron.

So, if you’re wondering why Tron is on this list, it’s because it’s actually heavily inspired by Pong. The early arcade video game. After the 1982 film came out, a whole franchise was spawned, also leading to games that would have quite the influence on the style of the 2010 film years later. Also, worth noting, you can put Olivia Wilde in anything and immediately make it better because of it. Just saying. 7 Hitman Based off of the Rockstar game of the same name, this 2007 film stars Timothy Elephant as agent 47, and despite not being a critical masterpiece, it was actually a financial success, earning 99 million against its 24 million dollar budget. Not too shabby. Roger Ebert gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, commenting, I quote “Hitman stands right on the threshold between video games and art. On the wrong side of the threshold, but still, give it credit.” 6 Mortal Combat This 1995 loosely based adaptation is one of the films on this list that did pretty well for itself, box office wise. Earning an estimated $122 million worldwide, it was number one at the box office for a while, and to date is the fifth highest grossing video game adaptation released in the US as of September 2016.