Now some souls in this game have made it a mission to defend Azeroth from her enemies while being as naked as they can. You know who you are. Today I want to celebrate this monumental change and those nerdy nudists. I’m going to go through each armor type and look at the skimpiest pants models that you can mog to get as breezy as you can. Starting with Cloth, we have a delightful collection of loincloths. These manage to both be quite skimpy and not at all flattering.The Ancestral Woolies, and Loincloth recolors offer some different options for you.

These can be transmogged at any level so if your dream is to start a new hero and have them slay boars in some underwear, go nuts. They’re world drop BOE greens, so your best bet for picking these up and go to this source is the Auction House. These are also the ONLY cloth option I could find that is just as revealing on male characters. If the elegant look is more your thing, consider the classic Mageweave Leggings.

They cover up more on the legs, but less….elsewhere. These are crafted so you could pick up Tailoring and make them yourself, or find them on the Auction House. If black isn’t your color, try the Cindercloth Leggings. Now unfortunately, these are only skimpy on female characters.

If you wear these as a male, they’re very ballet but the whole effect just isn’t the same. I am the correct amount of upset about that. Another option are the Pants of the Naaru, I guess the joke’s that naaru don’t wear pants so you’re not gonna either. You can get those from the Arcatraz key questline in Netherstorm. They cover even less than the Mageweave, with leg bands rather than thigh-highs, but AGAIN only on ladies.

All my male night elves out there must feel so let down. In Leather, you know we got some more Loincloths. The Warbear Woolies are crafted from a Timbermaw rep leatherworking recipe, or you could use the Ceremonial Leather Loincloth with the same appearance, which is another green world drop.

That’s is definitely your tiniest Leather option, and would make the perfect gift for the exhibitionist Demon Hunter in your life. In mail, sadly,our loincloths are accompanied by mandatory awkward thigh-plates. You can get this look in Leather too if you like it, for some reason. For Mail, check out the War Paint Legguards, Grunt’s Legguards, Spiked Chain Leggings. The Barbaric Legstraps are also nice.

You just gotta love some good thigh-belts. If you want to mix it up a bit try out the Sentry’s Leggings. They’ve got some classic strapped-on kneepads, you know, for safety, but still plenty of leg on the loose. So over in Plate we have this look again via the Cobalt Leggurads.

Outside of that, if you want to see some man-leg, you’re looking at newer mog. The Zandalar plate questing pants offers a troll-inspired miniskirt kinda deal with some plates in the front, and straps in the back. These are from world drops and quests in the 110-120 zones, and should be pretty easy to snag on the auction house https://www.icy-veins.com/.

Look for Torgashell Legguards, Stormforger Legguards and Direbone Frill Legplates. If above-the-knee shorts are more your style, the World-Defiler’s Tuille is straight and to the point. That one drops from chests and rares around Argus. We all know you can’t defile worlds without a good….tuille. If it’s for a lady, all of the above is still good and then you’ve got a very solid collection of plate bikini bottoms to choose from. They tend to come with legplates in some form or another, but it’s OK, nobody’s looking at your legs.

Try The Saltstone Legchains, Tyrant’s Legplates, Bloodscale Legguards, Lofty Legguards, Jade Legplates, Vanguard Legplates, Glorious Legplates, it just keeps going, legplates for days. It was a whole category back in the day. So those are some options!