Hi everyone, it’s Albert from Albert’s Slot here with the new Gold Fish Casino Slots. At Gold Fish Casino Slots, you can play many of your favorite WMS and Bally slot games for fun wherever, whenever, over Facebook or your mobile device. And it’s free to play!

The more you spin, the more games you can unlock to play. Just click on my video description for a link to Gold Fish Casino Slots so you can start playing today. Alright, I’m excited because today we’re gonna be looking at the new and improved Gold Fish Casino Slots, which is now released and available for all players. It’s better than ever. We’ll take a look at all the cool features in this new version and take a look at one of my current favorite casino games: Lock It Link.

So let’s get started. I’m getting set to log into Gold Fish Casino Slots on my mobile phone, but you could also play this over Facebook on your computer. And here we are. I’m logged in as a brand new, first-time player – starting at level 1 for demo purposes. All new players to Gold Fish Casino Slots get 1 million free coins to get started, but for you returning players, you too get something: You get 5 million free coins as a welcome back gift when you log into the new Gold Fish Casino Slots for the very first time.

As you can see our game lobby has gotten a beautiful face lift. Check out this new ocean background. Even our game lobby music has changed, has a nice Caribbean feel to it.

As I scroll to the right, I can see all the slot games I could play and at what level as they become unlocked. The more you spin, the higher your player level and the more games you can unlock to play. With the new Gold Fish Casino Slots, there are even more slots available for play. New slots like Forbidden Dragons, Zeus 3, and Lock It Link, which is now available for play at level 6. So our starter game on Gold Fish Casino Slots is our flagship game Gold Fish. This is a classic game from WMS.

My mom is a huge fan of this game. And to the top right, you’ll see your current player level number. I’m currently at level 1, and as you continue spinning, you’ll continue earning experience points and fill that meter until you advance to the next level. Right underneath that meter, we have our red Ruby meter. With every win on a spin, you collect rubies and as you fill that Ruby meter completely, you’ll be awarded with an unlock of 2 Ruby Slots and get to play them for a special limited time.

If you’re a new player, you’ll see how quickly you can level up. Before you know it, you’ll be advancing to the next level, unlocking newer slot games to play. See, I just unlocked the second game, Jungle Wild – great game. Now I’m gonna fast forward so you can keep my progression to level six (that’s the power of video editing by the way). At level 6, you unlock Lock It Link.

This game right now is super hot in casinos. I’ve done quite well on the casino slot machine. Love this game, and now I could play it online here at Gold Fish Casino Slots.

This game features expanding gold bar wild reels – combined with the ladies symbol premium topping symbol. This is a very, very nice paying screen. But the most exciting part of this game has to be the “Lock It” feature, triggered by getting three or more hearts on the same row. By triggering the “Lock It” feature with three hearts, you get three spins awarded, and the objective is simple: Build a screen up with hearts.

If you land a heart anywhere on the screen that connects to your locked hearts either horizontally or vertically, it gets linked to it and then every heart in the complete set gets a credit value increase by your bed amount. Come on now! There we go! We got one heart there, so all of these hearts are gonna bump up by 120,000, which is my bet amount, and we need some more hearts. By the way, whenever you get a heart that links up, the number of spins you have remaining resets back to three.

Okay wow, we got a lot of hearts there. 120,000 on each heart, now let’s keep it up. Come on now.

Come on! All right we got one spin left. We need a heart, there we go! An extra 120,000 on each heart, and we are back to three spins.

Come on, there we go! Can we fill it up? Can we get the whole screen full of hearts?

We’re about to find out! Nope, all right one last spin. Oh, couldn’t do it. You know what, I am still working on getting my first full screen of hearts. I’ll get it one of these days; just not today.

Now in addition to the “Lock It” feature, there’s also a Free Spins Bonus feature on this game, and what you didn’t see here is that sometimes if you’re very lucky, you could trigger the “Lock It” bonus with golden hearts, which can have a mini, minor, major, or grand jackpot prize written over it. Now that Grand Jackpot prize can pay mega huge. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube where casino players have actually won the grand prize. Good luck to you guys if you hit that Grand Jackpot!

Alright, my total win is approaching the end here .. yeah, 5.7 million credits won on Lock It Link. Not bad at all. “Epic Win!”

So back to our game lobby. I want to show you guys some brand new features in Gold Fish. On the left, we have an event calendar. This is your one-stop shop to see all the current and upcoming events, and new game announcements. At the top, today’s event all “Ruby Slots are unlocked to play” all weekend long.

Move on down below, you can see when you can start earning triple experience points on every spin. Now take a look at the bottom row. When there’s a new game ready for players to preview, you’ll see its picture under the Early Access section so you can try out the game for a limited time before it becomes the Featured Slot.

Then we have our Ruby Slots. All of the Ruby Slots were unlocked for the weekend when I filled this, but outside of a special event, you could unlock these Ruby slots when you fill up your Ruby meter. Games like Zeus Son of Kronos, the new Playboy featuring Pitbull, and popular WMS classics like Dean Martin’s Vegas Shindig and Super Monopoly (love this game). Awesome games you can only play online like KISS, and popular casino slots like Clue too, and Quick Hit Platinum Plus. Who doesn’t like Quick Hits?

Now when you see slot games with the words “Shell Drop,” “Buried Treasure,” or “Jackpot” on top, these are the special slot games that also give you a chance to win the extra credit prizes. Now take a look at this one; this is your Shell Drop – plays like Plinko – times 10! And this is Buried Treasure. Pick an X and win lots of treasure, times 20 on this one. And if you’re extra lucky, you get a chance to get some jackpot prizes. Look at that beauty.

Finally, we have our Featured Slot. This is where you’re likely gonna see a big-name slot games that are brand new to Gold Fish Casino Slots, or you may even see a high-level premium slot game that is featured for a special limited time. So right now, Gold Fish’s newest featured game is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, based off of the popular 1986 American classic film.

It features Matthew Broderick and a host of others. This is a game by WMS that I’ve actually played before in the casino. It features a lot of memorable video clips from the movie and lots of fun bonus features.

Ok, here I just triggered the On the Run bonus where I’m trying to save Ferris. Yes! Alright, so I’m gonna get him across the finish line, and I get a super credit pick; can i pick the biggest prize? 840,000. Nope, that is the worst pick. I am a bad picker.

Other bonuses include Bad Hair Day, where you get to pick your pencil for various credit prizes. Let’s see if I do better than before. Ah, that is good picking. And there are many other bonus features you can get on this new slot game, but the one with the biggest win potential on this game is the Free Spins feature, which changes your regular reels into a colossal reel style game.

You get transferring wild reels, and on top of that, all wins are doubled. Alright, big win here. This is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; it’s Gold Fish Casino Slots’ newest Featured Slot, and you can play now for a special limited time. Lots of cool features and big win potential with those colossal reels. Hope you guys enjoy playing this new slot. Leave a comment, and let me know what you guys think.

If you’re new to Gold Fish Casino Slots, it’s fun and it’s free to play. Just click on my video description for your link to Gold Fish Casino Slots to start playing today. You can play on your mobile device or on Facebook, and remember, all new players get 1 million free coins to start, but for you returning players, you get 5 million free coins when you log back into the new Gold Fish Casino Slots. For those of you Gold Fish players who enjoy playing with your Facebook friends, here’s something new: You can now send and receive free coin gifts for a mystery amount up to 1 million free coins for each friend.

Come on, Goldie! That’s better! You can also invite your Facebook friends to play and be awarded 1 million free coins for each accepted invite (I should send that link to my mom).

Don’t forget to log into Gold Fish Casino Slots each and every day to collect your Daily Catch of free coins. You could also click bonus free coins every day throughout the day, and with every 6 bonuses you collect, you receive a Mega Bonus where you can pick one of eight treasure chests that will multiply your bonus prize. And don’t forget to check out and “Like” the Gold Fish Casino Slots Facebook community page for exclusive events, promotions, and free coins. That does it for me!