Look, The double dragon series has a pretty simple premise.. Save your girlfriend from bad guys without dying.. Pretty simple concept but lets be honest, fighting game movie adaptations are almost all bad, and the words worst and movie pretty much go hand and hand with every one of them.. This movie was simply a cash in on the kung fu movie craze of the early 90’s and tried to appeal to every kid who took a karate class.. Whats funny about this movie is it really doesn’t follow the games plot well at all and is totally weighed down by bad acting, and an awful plot.. Featuring Scott Wolf and Mark Dascascos (I haven’t heard of them either) the pair play Bimmy and Jimmy and set out to battle their enemies in “New Angeles” yeah its lame and the only redeeming factor in this movie is to see terminator 2’s Robert Patrick absolutely kill it as villan kogo shaku.. This movie was pretty popular in south America but it pretty much faded away else ware. #2.) Super Mario Bros The Movie No, unlike every other list out there this movie isn’t going to fall too number 1.

As the first big budget Hollywood film to be based on a video game, I can’t fault Super Mario Bros the movie too much, But with that said it did set the path for the trash filled catalog of video games that would come, with pretty much every one being garbage. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo are featured in this film as Mario and Luigi, two plumbers living in Brooklyn. They somehow find themselves in a universe where humans evolved from dinosaurs instead of primates, which is a dystopian world led by Bowser, played by Dennis Hopper. That’s right Denis Freaking Hopper If that all sounds horrible to you then that’s probably because it is, and as you guessed seeing two actors that barley resemble the characters they’re supposed to adventure around didn’t really take off with kids or fans of the game and ultimately bombed in theatres. You won’t find a list without this one and for good reason, it was actually so bad that bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo actually admitted to having to be drunk in order to even begin to shoot scenes.

Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun Li So what do you have to do in order to be considered the worst video game movie ever made? Well it’s not an easy task but this 2009 street fighter adaptation makes a good effort. Where do I even start with this one, basically someone decided it’d be a good idea to make a movie explaining the background story of Chun Li who has become a series favourite, I really can’t see many players just wishing they knew the backstory to the character but alas, Chun li is played by Kristin Kreuk, who in case you didn’t know is not Japanese, and I guess the filmmakers just didn’t care. Honestly every part of this movie is bad from the script, the casting decisions, the action scenes and the representation of the series, When I think of a street fighter movie I think of ryu kicking some oh wait I’ve never even thought of a street fighter movie because to me the very idea of turning a one on one fighting game into a movie makes 0 sense. This is the worst video game movie out there, don’t watch it.